Board approves contract for design, construction services at five elementary schools

The New Caney ISD Board of Trustees awarded a contract to Corgan Architects for design/construction services for renovations and updates at Bens Branch Elementary, Sorters Mill Elementary, Oakley Elementary, Crippen Elementary, and Valley Ranch Elementary. The work at these schools will include a variety of projects, including kitchen storage updates at some campuses, playground equipment updates, other life cycle items. The current timeline for completion is summer 2019.


District completes bond refunding to save more than $5 million

In August, New Caney ISD completed the refinancing of series 2008 and series 2009 bonds, saving district taxpayers more than $5 million. Since 1999, NCISD has successfully completed 12 bond refundings for interest cost savings to taxpayers of nearly $35 million.

Bond refunding is similar to a homeowner refinancing a mortgage to get a better interest rate. The district is essentially issuing a new bond that will be bought by a bondholder that will charge a lower interest than the previous one. Bond refunding allows the district to swap old higher interest debt with new, less expensive debt


District conducting facilities assessment, developing capital improvement plan

New Caney ISD, in partnership with Lockwood, Andrews, and Newman, Inc. (LAN), is developing a comprehensive facilities assessment and capital improvement plan. The Board of Trustees approved a contract with LAN  in May to develop district design standards to guide future construction and renovation projects, conduct a facility condition assessment, and facilitate capital improvement planning.

District Design Standards
The district design standards will be the guideline for designing future educational facilities in the district at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. The standards will include space requirements, capacity models, lunch period preferences, target student building utilization rates, adjacency diagrams, room descriptions, and room data sheets.

Facility Condition Assessment
The Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) includes physical assessment of the majority of the District’s facility portfolio, amounting to over 2.2 million square feet.

This FCA is intended to provide an overall understanding of the current conditions of New Caney ISD facilities as well as function as a planning tool; providing insight into anticipated needs for any future implementation of lesser to greater initiatives and goals. The FCA will compile the District’s facility information into a software database for record and planning purposes.

Capital Planning
The Capital Planning scope of work includes consultation on facilities with the District and its Board, Administration, Staff and Committees and assistance in the development of recommendations for facility improvements.

In consultation with the District, this work will result in the development of ranking strategies, project scenarios, and a listing and ranking of current and future facility needs. The capital planning effort will also include a parity study and development of a timeline for facility expansion and replacement.

Currently, the design standards are nearing completion and have included input from the district's various departments. Also, facility condition assessment site visits will be complete in mid August. Accessibility assessment, a component of the condition assessment, is underway and will progress through the remainder of the month.


Several construction, renovation projects nearing completion

Construction and renovation projects are nearing completion at Dogwood Elementary, Kings Manor Elementary, and Porter High School. Construction of Dogwood Elementary, set to open in August, is 99 percent complete with final clean up and furnishing underway. A ribbon cutting ceremony will take place on the campus August 22, and doors will open to students August 28. Final clean up is also underway at Kings Manor Elementary on the school's kitchen and cafeteria addition. Also, renovations to existing classroom and office space are complete. The addition at Porter High School is 98 percent complete and includes a career and technology education building and additional classrooms.

Dogwood Elementary
Kings Manor Elementary School
Porter High School


Board approves construction contract for work at New Caney Middle School, other projects continue

The New Caney ISD Board of Trustees awarded a construction contract for renovations at New Caney Middle School to Division One Construction at its regular meeting this month. Work at New Caney Middle School will include kitchen/cafeteria expansion and upgrades, a pre-ag classroom addition, fine arts expansion, updates to the auditorium, and other life cycle items. The current timeline for completion is summer 2018. 

Also, Dogwood Elementary, set to open in August, is approximately 85% complete overall. Work continues on interior finishes, including carpet, tile, painting, and plumbing fixtures. Also, the final site landscaping is in progress. 

Dogwood Elementary School 
Dogwood Elementary School
Dogwood Elementary School
Dogwood Elementary School

Also, construction of Infinity Early College High School is approximately 40% complete overall. Work on the exterior wall system is 80% complete while interior walls, plumbing, and electrical work is 40% complete.

Infinity Early College High School

Also, work at Kings Manor Elementary School is approximately 60% complete overall. The cafeteria/kitchen addition is dried in and interior finishes are in progress.


Elementary school #11 named Brookwood Forest Elementary School at April Board of Trustees meeting

New Caney ISD Elementary School #11 was officially named Brookwood Forest Elementary School at the Board of Trustees’ regular meeting April. 17. The school will be located on Sorters Road in Porter near the Brookwood Forest subdivision. The Board also awarded a contract to Drymalla Construction Company for the school's construction. Construction begins this spring. Brookwood Elementary School is scheduled to open for the 2018-19 school year.


Dogwood Elementary construction progresses, school now live on web and social media

Dogwood Elementary School is approximately 70% complete overall with much of the remaining work now focused on the interior, including mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work as well as painting, tiling and case work. The Dogwood Elementary School website is now live, and you can also follow the school on Facebook (/DogwoodElemSchool) and on Twitter (@Dogwood_Elem).

Dogwood Elementary School
Dogwood Elementary School

Work on the expansion at Porter High School is approximately 75% complete, also now focused largely on interior finishes.

Porter High School