New Caney High School

Design: Summer 2016 - Spring 2017
Bid Process: Spring 2017 - Summer 2017
Construction: Summer 2017 - Summer 2018


February, 2018 - The first phase of renovations at New Caney High School are complete, including the band hall, the cosmetology center, physical education area, and additional classrooms. The next phase is beginning and includes areas for choir, orchestra, and drama.

December, 2017 - The first phase of renovations (band hall, physical education, cosmetology) is approximately 85% complete and is scheduled to be complete by the end of February. The next phase of renovations (fine arts) begins in the spring.

September, 2017 - Renovation of existing classrooms was completed in August. Renovations that include a new fine arts and cosmetology areas are 35% complete. Renovations to the existing fine arts and athletic areas begins in the spring.

July, 2017 - Demolition work for the new fine arts and physical education areas is complete, and work on underground mechanical, electrical, and plumbing structures has begun. Renovations of first floor classrooms is approximately 98% complete, and expansion of the driveway leading into the front of the school off of Eagle Drive is complete. Also, restructuring of the drainage on the north side of campus is approximately 90% complete.

January, 2017 - Design is complete. The project is scheduled to go out for bid in March.

October, 2016 - NCISD Director of Facility Planning and Construction Richard Gates reported to the Board that design for renovations at New Caney High School is approximately 70% complete. Roof work at NCHS is 15% complete. 

August, 2016 -  The Board of Trustees approved an agreement for design/construction delivery method to Westfall Contractors for renovations at New Caney High School at its regular monthly meeting. Among the work scheduled for NCHS are a renovation to the fine arts area, an update to the auditorium, remodeling the kitchen serving lines, renovation of the athletic area, and other life cycle items. A roof replacement, contracted earlier with Restoration Services, is approximately 10% complete.